A window replacement is a serious investment, and it’s one most homeowners don’t make until they know for certain that it’s the right time. But how can you know when it’s time to replace your home’s windows? The experts at ALL-TIMATE ROOFING have all signs to look out for here:

Opening Your Windows Is More Difficult

If your windows are difficult to open or completely unable to open, it is likely time to replace them. New windows won’t be warped or damaged, making them effortless to use.

Feeling Drafts Has Become Common

When your windows are open, a nice breeze blowing into your home is a great feeling. However, when they’re closed and you still feel drafts, that’s a cause for concern. Drafty windows prevent you from maintaining a consistent and comfortable indoor temperature because they allow air to flow in and out of your home. By replacing your windows, you can ensure that this problem no longer occurs.

Increased Energy Bills

When your energy bills start increasing, you may not be sure what’s responsible for it. But the culprit might just be in plain sight—your home’s old windows. Heat loss and gain through your windows is responsible for around 25%-30% of your home’s energy use. So, if you’re relying on old, poorly insulated windows, and have noticed increases in your bills, it’s time to make a change. Modern windows offer excellent energy efficiency features that can help save you money.

You’re Noticing More Outside Noise Pollution

Noise from outside can be incredibly irritating, especially if you’re trying to sleep. If you’re hearing more traffic noise or other bothersome sounds from outside your home, your windows may be at fault. New windows offer increased insulation that prevents noise penetration and keeps your home quieter and more peaceful.

You See Visible Damage

Seeing visible damage is perhaps the most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your windows. Cracks, warping, or rotting wood are unsightly and can impact your windows ability to function. New windows resolve all these issues.

When You Need New Windows, Choose ALL-TIMATE ROOFING

At ALL-TIMATE ROOFING, we want our clients to get the best. That’s why we offer an exclusive line of windows that are unmatched in terms of performance and style: ALL-TIMATE Comfort Series windows. Our windows meet ENERGY-STAR® standards for energy efficiency and are available in a range of colors and textures, ensuring each homeowner can create a look that they love. Additionally, Comfort Series windows feature high-quality vinyl frames that are durable and resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading. And of course, they’re available in the most popular styles, including double-hung, slider, picture, and more.


If it’s time to have new windows installed in your home, ALL-TIMATE ROOFING is the company you can trust. Our industry-leading vinyl windows are always installed with extreme care by our highly dependable team. Contact us today to learn more about our products and start your window installation project.