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Energy-Efficient Roofing Can Help Lower Your Knoxville, TN, Home’s Heating and Cooling Costs

Did you know that your roof is good for more than just keeping rain, snow, sunshine, and other elements off of your head? Having an energy-efficient roofing system in place can help keep your home’s internal temperature better regulated, which in turn can lead to energy bills that are easier on your bank account. ALL-TIMATE ROOFING offers a variety of energy-efficient roofing options for homeowners in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area and installs them with first-rate craftsmanship.

What Makes a Roof Energy Efficient?

There are two main things that help determine how energy efficient a roofing system will be. For one, the color of the roof makes a difference. Lighter-colored roofs are better for warmer areas due to their ability to reflect sunlight, while darker-colored roofs help homes in colder climates stay warmer by absorbing more sunlight.

Another thing that matters is the material that is used throughout the roofing system. Homeowners in this part of Tennessee can benefit from energy-efficient roof shingles such as cedar shake and slate—both of which can be installed by ALL-TIMATE ROOFING. Each provides more insulation than most traditional asphalt shingles.

Roof Shingles

While natural slate is expensive and often difficult to install (some roof decks may not be able to support slate’s weight, which means they would need to be replaced before installing these shingles), imitation slate installed by ALL-TIMATE ROOFING provides the same look and benefits with a product that’s lighter on the scale and the wallet.

Energy-Efficient Metal Roofing

Metal makes for an energy-efficient roofing material due to its ability to reflect sunlight, which allows less heat to transfer through the roof and into the home. This makes it easier to keep the house cool in the summer.

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