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Cedar Shake Roofing Creates a Timeless Look for Knoxville, TN, Homes

Are you searching for a unique look for your Knoxville, Tennessee, home’s roof? One way to stand out from the crowd of nearby homes with asphalt roofing is to go all-natural. At ALL-TIMATE ROOFING, we install beautiful, genuine cedar shake roofing systems that are sure to turn your neighbors’ heads.

Why Choose a Cedar Roof?

Cedar shake roofing is a capable material for your residential roof replacement for several reasons, including:

  • An average lifespan of 30 years
  • Natural insulation
  • Resistance to expanding and contracting in fluctuating temperatures
  • The ability to handle UV rays and moisture without damage or warping

And, of course, it’s hard to match the texture and charming appearance you can only get from natural wood.

What’s the Difference Between Shingles and Shakes?

If you’ve never heard of the “shake” in cedar shake roofing before, don’t worry. Shakes and shingles are easy to tell apart, even at a glance, and both do a fine job of protecting your home. Here are a few ways you can tell one apart from the other:

  • Shakes are hand-cut, so they don’t have the smooth, precisely machined look of shingles
  • Shakes tend to be somewhat thicker than shingles, especially at their butt ends
  • Shakes tend to have more texture than shingles, which gives off that rugged appearance
  • Although wood can be used to make shingles, it’s often used for shake roofing

Expert Installation for Knoxville Homes

Installing cedar shake roofing is best left to highly-trained professionals with years of experience. Luckily, ALL-TIMATE ROOFING delivers on both counts as the longest-tenured roofing company in the area. Don’t just take our word for it: hear it from our customers who have left reviews, as well.

Do you like the thought of adding cedar’s natural beauty to your Knoxville, TN, home with a new roof? Contact us today to set up your consultation.

“FIRST CLASS OPERATION! Let me start by saying that my experience with ALL-TIMATE ROOFING was top notch. After less than satisfactory experience with other roofers and almost giving up, I decided to contact them. Expeditiously, an appointment was set up for an inspection. The quote given for the work was quite reasonable, as was the provided guarantee. I would definitely recommend ALL-TIMATE ROOFING based on my positive experience with this first class company.”