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We are excited to announce All-timate Blessings #AlltimateBlessing campaign is HERE! All-timate Blessings is something ALL-TIMATE ROOFING likes to do every year to give back to those who serve and bless their community despite their circumstances. One homeowner will be selected to be given a special gift from the ALL-TIMATE ROOFING Family.

ALL-TIMATE ROOFING has had the honor of sponsoring the All-timate Blessing campaign for almost 25 plus years. Due to the continual community support of ALL-TIMATE ROOFING and the All-timate Blessing from our community, we are honored to start a new monthly campaign called #AlltimateBlessing. #AlltimateBlessing is a way for ALL-TIMATE ROOFING to give back to our community’s immediate needs. Every month, a nominee from our community will be chosen to receive a small gift from ALL-TIMATE ROOFING. Our goal for #AlltimateBlessing is to start a wave of kindness, love, and support throughout our community. This past year has given many people struggles and we want to give to someone who has, despite their struggles and circumstances, still decided to show kindness, love, and serve their community.

Unlike the All-timate Blessing free roof giveaway nominations, which will start at the end of the year, the #AlltimateBlessing gift will be announced and given away once a month. Every month, one outstanding nominee will be chosen to receive the #AlltimateBlessing gift. If you know someone who has been a blessing to you and those around them despite their circumstances, please let us know below.

If you know someone who has been a blessing to you and those around them despite their circumstances, please let us know. Enter a video using the form above for who you think deserves the All-timate Blessing!

Video Entry Instructions:

Please include the following information in your video:

  • Nominee’s name
  • Brief Message About the Person/s you are nominating & how they are a blessing to you or their community

Entry Rules:

  • Entrants are not allowed to nominate themselves
  • Please keep video to under 1 minute
  • By submitting video entry, you give ALL-TIMATE ROOFING full access to use your video on social media platforms and website if the nominee is selected

The ALL-TIMATE Blessing

We believe in giving back to our community here in the Chattanooga and Cleveland area. See what the ALL-TIMATE ROOFING Blessing is all about.

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